Vertical growing system

Small Space. Big Production.

Grow vertically with GrowTowers!

growtowers hydroponic towers

GrowTowers are perfect for vertical hydroponic gardening, vertical organic gardens, commercial vertical production systems, and hobbyist greenhouses. GrowTowers are even great for indoor/outdoor growing systems. GrowTowers can be used almost anywhere!

The GrowTower vertical stacking growing system is designed for high density production for commercial growers and home gardeners alike. Great for large-scale agricultural operations, small farms, urban farming, backyard gardens, and agricultural research.

GrowTowers are easy to assemble and operate. They work great for hydroponics or with soil. With GrowTowers stackers you can grow strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, kale, eggplant, and much more.

These are the highest quality growing stackers available. GrowTowers are made in the United States with food grade High-density polyethylene (HDPE) — not flimsy and potentially toxic polystyrene (styrofoam) like some other stackable growing systems.

maximum growingMaximize Your Space
Thanks to their innovative stacking design, with GrowTowers you can grow over 10X the produce compared to conventional growing.

commercial hydroponicsExtremely Versatile
GrowTowers feature a unique, extensible design that can be easily adapted for use in every growing environment from your greenhouse to your patio.

hydroponic stackersHydroponic Ready
Use GrowTowers with traditional growing media like soil and compost mixtures, or hydroponic growing mediums like coconut husk and perlite. Even aquaponics!

UV Protected StackersUV Protected
GrowTowers hold up in the sun! Infused with an advanced ultraviolet protectant ensuring they endure even the most extreme conditions.

hydroponic growingEco-Friendly
GrowTowers use less water and fertilizer than conventional growing. There's virtually no fertilizer runoff, which makes Mother Nature proud.

recycled hydroponicsRecyclable
Made from food-grade recyclable plastic, GrowTowers are BPA-free, and not made from toxic-leeching styrofoam. Safe for plants, and the environment.

hydroponic growingSize Matters
GrowTowers have over 2X the volume of other systems. This allows for more root mass resulting in stronger root systems and more productive plants.

easy hydroponicsEasy to Maintain
GrowTowers are raised off the ground meaning you don't need to bend over to weed or harvest your crops; and they are out of reach of nuisance animals!

american hydroponicsMade in America
GrowTowers are a quality product that's sturdy and durable, and made to last many years. Manufactured with pride in Brooksville, Florida USA... the Sunshine State!

GrowTowers in the news in Tampa, FL

GrowTowers in the news in Canada


  • Dimensions: 21" (diagonally across top) x 12" (diagonally across bottom) x 8.5" (deep)
  • Volume: 12 Liters
  • Weight: 25 Ounces
  • Material: Food Grade HDPE
  • Recycleable: Yes
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Manufactured In: United States
  • Manufactured By: GrowTowers International, Inc.
  • Distributed By: Green World Path, Inc.


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