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Dear Dori,

Attached are pics ( of a couple of our Carlos grape vines taken the 2nd week in July. As you can see the fruit is abundant and developing nicely, the foliar growth is rich and healthy. Our vines are three years old and are showing exceptional growth this year. We grow Carlos, Nobles, and Delicious all of which are doing very well this year.

I have been applying a mix of 6 Green World Path products since pruning in late january. Monthly I have been broadcasting 1/2 pound/vine of Chick Grow granular, followed by alternating a root wash and foliar spray mix of MineralPlex, Ion Soil Conditioner, Eco Plus, Fish & Total. We have had a good growing season, lots of rain at the right time and the vines have responded.

The berries are pretty much through their growth and are entering the second phase of their life, verasian. We actually picked out our few Black Spanish yesterday and am looking forward to the wine we will make from them.

Thank you for the help you have been this past year, I have enjoyed working with you and getting to know the products from Green World Path.

Best regards.
– Chuck Hollweg
Chuck Hollweg
Hollweg Farms

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